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Moderator and Group Leader Dialogue and Discussions

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This forum is for the Group Leaders and Moderator to communicate. It is closed to everyone else. The purpose is to be able to communicate and share ideas that will enhance the experience of everyone at ccel.

Thanks for all your hard work at ccel.

re: spam filter

I swing by a few times a day on average, and I typically see only one or two posts slip through a day, if any--I had no idea it was effectively blocking so many posts, but I'm glad it is.

Brian adjusted the spam filter to exclude group leaders, which has been very helpful--I spend a lot of time adjusting the threads in my group, which made the spam guard suspicious. Now I'm having no trouble.

I hastily deleted my previous account, and now I think that if I had some of the access I used to have, I could give Dan a hand when it comes to deleting the few stray spam posts that slip through the spam filter. I can't moderate the forums like I used to (as much as I enjoy it) but I would like to help with the small things as the opportunities arrive, if that seems agreeable to Dan and the staff.

As always, much thanks!