Prosperity Preaching

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What is your opinion on prosperity style preaching? Many mainstream Christian preachers have jumped on the bandwagon with the "sew a seed" and reap a fortune from God fad these days. TV Evangelists seem to corner the market with this regard.

Do you believe it is theologically correct in giving more because you want more?

Does this style of preaching tend to be a protestant effort or are there Catholic preachers/teachers involved too?

If you disagree with the above, what do you think the end consequence will be for those involved? Will they suffer eternal damnation for emptying the pockets of vulnerable desperate Christians?

My personal opinion is that Jesus calls me to take up my cross and follow him.



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wayward Christologies

Its my understanding that the prosperity doctrine has its foothold in american culture because our idols are greed and materialism.

Why do prosperity teachers getting away with blatant error and yet quoting the bible the whole time?

it has to do with their Christology. The scripture does two things with Jesus Christ, it presents him in two ways that balance one another as you go through the new testament.
1. is simply to keep Jesus feet dirty, his conflicts real and his disciples very much human with weaknesses.
2. to present Christ as victor and overcomer of the world, to show Him as Divine all powerful, forgiving, judging, glorious Son of God.

What the prosperity teachers do is teach only with a focus upon his resurrection, His power and deity, His glory and victory over sin. Afterwards abstract principles are brought in, ideas and conclusions that are formed from ignoring the Jesuology of Jesus life and concentrating on His promises made to us. When this is complete, you may form whatever you like from a Christology that allows you carte-blanc to say whatever you want. You can have Jesus making you a god, making healings formulaic, finances of unending wealth for the eager tither and offering giver. principles
of prosperity, principles of health,principles of wisdom, principles of living, principles of obtaining by confession what you desire. Speaking to mountains, speaking to devils, speaking to sicknesses, etc etc. On and on goes the list of principles by which to live by.

The problem is they have left out the balancing essential truths of Jesus own life. No crosses to poverty, no scandals to blacken the name, no surrender without applause, no victory without credit being given. No, the Jesus that was scandalous, completely opposing to the religious heirarchy cannot be given front stage. We cannot build mega dollar ministries with people actually taking up crosses and living as though they have nothing and giving it to the poor and leaving them out of the loop. We cannot have a Jesus that ended dead upon a cross after all His preaching and healing and delivering people. We cannot have a crowd favorite if seek to surrender our lives insuch a way that we devalue material and power that money can obtain. Jesus was left with nothing in the end except for the Father to validate all He did and said. You cannot pump people for money who do not care if the world validates them or if they obtain their material possessions as they have been taught by the spirit of this age. No, the Jesus of the bible puts to death the believer and leaves him to die there with no hope except God himself intervene and raise him up to live in newness of life. A life that is against the world, against the spirit of this age, against the momentum of lustful seeking to obtain material things. A truely cross carrying believer is as useless to their ministries as is another 911 when finances got tight.

for all the talk about walking in the Spirit and following Jesus Christ, If ever they did preach such truths expecting the flock to follow it, the body of Christ would be reformed in no time, but the reality is, man wants to be important, and to see your brother actually succeed and not need your tapes, cd's, videos and conventions is a bad day for these ministries. Its more important that they are ignorant of Jesus life as He actually lived it. Its better that they believe the wayward christologies they are presented, because for them, faith-failure only means the continuance of buying more of their tapes and attending more of their conventions.
Only do not let them connect their faith failures with the doctrines they have been learning.