Prosperity Preaching

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What is your opinion on prosperity style preaching? Many mainstream Christian preachers have jumped on the bandwagon with the "sew a seed" and reap a fortune from God fad these days. TV Evangelists seem to corner the market with this regard.

Do you believe it is theologically correct in giving more because you want more?

Does this style of preaching tend to be a protestant effort or are there Catholic preachers/teachers involved too?

If you disagree with the above, what do you think the end consequence will be for those involved? Will they suffer eternal damnation for emptying the pockets of vulnerable desperate Christians?

My personal opinion is that Jesus calls me to take up my cross and follow him.



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"God has no problem with

"God has no problem with giving us things (proved it at the cross) let us not try to manipulate Him for He is willing."

The cross and the ressurection are what He gives us. You're right in that God doesn't mind giving. God is love, and love shares. But what God gives us, and prosperity are two completely different things. God gives us the crucifixion and the resurrection. Not a mercedes. He wants us to have a life like Christ's and the apostle's, not like Warren Buffet.

We're called to be like Jesus. This reminds me of the old joke. A 16 year old wants his dad to buy him a car, and his dad tells him he has to get his hair cut first. The son replies that Jesus and the apostles also had long hair, and the dad says "yeah, and they walked everywhere too." We're called to imitate Jesus, to become like Him. And Jesus was poor. He preached to the poor. His one exhortation to a rich guy was "sell everything." He says "blessed are the poor" and "woe to you who are rich," in the Lukan version of the beatitudes, which for some reason are less popular than the Matthean.

Look at the examples of all the Saints. Francis, Antony, Pachomius, Benedict, Boniface, Dominic, Ignatius of Loyola, Lawrence, Thomas, Anthony of Padua, both Martins, etc. There is no such thing as being like Christ and desiring prosperity.

I don't mean to say that all Christians are called to indigence and mendicancy. Many of us are called to having families, which requires something more than abject poverty. But wealth? I don't think God calls anyone to be wealthy.