Prosperity Preaching

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What is your opinion on prosperity style preaching? Many mainstream Christian preachers have jumped on the bandwagon with the "sew a seed" and reap a fortune from God fad these days. TV Evangelists seem to corner the market with this regard.

Do you believe it is theologically correct in giving more because you want more?

Does this style of preaching tend to be a protestant effort or are there Catholic preachers/teachers involved too?

If you disagree with the above, what do you think the end consequence will be for those involved? Will they suffer eternal damnation for emptying the pockets of vulnerable desperate Christians?

My personal opinion is that Jesus calls me to take up my cross and follow him.



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The Blessing: A means to THE end

I think i can put in my own contribution to this since it has been something i restled with for a long time. At first i did not see anythng wrong with the prosperity "teaching". Infact I taught it myself. i just thought everybody else who opposed it was just finding an excuse to point fingers at others. Well my opinion has changed and i hope it was for the better.

If a lover gave a gift to their mate, surely the gift is to express the love the lover has and it would be a shame if the gift just made the receipient more interested in it rather than the one who gave it. it is so with the blessing of Chrsit: it is a means to an end not the end itself. the end is communion with Christ. Whether He gives the gift or not, His love remains.

Paul said that he had learnt how to be abound and how to be abased. I think the teaching that must start going around is the teaching of contentment that the apostles preached. We should also be aware that Paul warned of those who wanted to be rich in the same scripture and said that they fall into a snare. God has no problem with giving us things (proved it at the cross) let us not try to manipulate Him for He is willing.


Yours in Him