Prosperity Preaching

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What is your opinion on prosperity style preaching? Many mainstream Christian preachers have jumped on the bandwagon with the "sew a seed" and reap a fortune from God fad these days. TV Evangelists seem to corner the market with this regard.

Do you believe it is theologically correct in giving more because you want more?

Does this style of preaching tend to be a protestant effort or are there Catholic preachers/teachers involved too?

If you disagree with the above, what do you think the end consequence will be for those involved? Will they suffer eternal damnation for emptying the pockets of vulnerable desperate Christians?

My personal opinion is that Jesus calls me to take up my cross and follow him.



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Concern, not Judgement

I think we can inquire about the lives of our brothers and sisters without judging them. I worry that any ministry that functions on one central theme, sermon after sermon, may not be giving a church family what it needs. I personally don't agree with the sermons some of the time and wonder if they are being crafted to fill the seats in the church, not to spiritually fulfill the congregation. But my cynicism aside, I wonder if this "prosperity" relates to the prosperity that was thought of when the Bible was inspired.

Thank you everyone for considering my thoughts.