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Is the Apocrypha inspired revelation?

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According to the first completed Canon of Scripture at the Council of Carthage in AD 419, the apocryphal books were adopted as biblical. http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/npnf214.xv.iv.iv.xxv.html Why do not the protestant Churches consider them scriptural? Most contemporary Bibles exclude the apocryphal books but even the original King James Version included them. Are they any less inspired than the other books of the Bible?

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There are two types of

There are two types of Apocrypha . . . Catholic and Protestant versions . . . the Catholic having always accepted and allowed the old Testament books from the last 600 years of the Jews History BC, which the Jews of 100 AD and the Protestants of 1500 AD tossed out, because they were too Catholic in their content and did not support either the Jews or the Protestant's positions as to CHRIST and the role of HIS Church (the Whole CHRIST) in Salvation . . . Sacraments, Hierarchy, Purgatory and such . . . the Septuagint and Catholic Version of the Canon of Sacred Scripture was removed by the Jews of 100 AD and removed by the Protestants of 1500 AD . . . but has always been considered to be inspired by those Jews in CHRIST's Day and those of the Catholic Faith from the days of the Apostles to now.

Then there is the apocrypha which neither the Protestant nor the Catholic has ever accepted, but which some eastern Churches may accept.

This later are the true apocrypha . . . and have never been a part of the Canon of Sacred Scripture of the Universal and Holy Catholic Faith.

So, 'removed'? No. Not ever. Just because a Catholic Priest in the 1500s decided that Sacred Scripture . . . takes precedent over the Church from which It came . . . that Church has never ever ever had that position. That Church has the same position as that of Sacred Scripture . . . that 'The Church is the pillar and ground of the Truth' . . . and not the other way around.

The Bible came from the womb of the Church and Lives and finds Its' expression and meaning and context in Her not the reverse.

Outside of the Church, there is no unity of 'meaning' or of 'understanding' of Sacred Scripture . . . quite the contrary . . . out side of and separated from the Church, the Bible is in a great disarray of confusion . . . everyone interpreting the meaning of Sacred Scripture as they see fit and no one agreeing with the other on any major point.

That is not the way the Bible was used for 1500 years before the Protestants 'replacing' of the Church's authority to interpret Sacred Scripture with each their own self-given authority to self-interpret all things Faith and Scripture . . . denying to the Church this same right and capability . . . while giving this authority to each of themselves . . . and thinking this to be an invisible 'unity' when there really is 'no Unity' in this 'private interpretation of Sacred Scripture' . . . even though the Bible itself says their is 'no private interpretation' of Sacred Scripture.

That's my belief and understanding of this. I don't expect any to believe me who are not so disposed to Believe that the Church as perhaps having more authority than each of ourselves individually to interpret and guide and guard and even command in these matters of Faith and Morals.

To my view, anyone who cannot find it in himself to defer to the authority of the Church in these matters of Faith and Morals pretty much becomes his own authority in all of these matters, though each claiming that the HOLY SPIRIT is guiding them in all of these matters, even though it is clear and evident to anyone that none of these individuals or small groups agree in even small matters, much less big matters of Faith, Morals or Practice of the Faith.

There is and can only be One Church which JESUS built upon the Apostles and commissioned to go forth into the whole and entire world to Teach and to Preach 'all things whatsoever HE had commanded them' to Teach and to Preach . . . Baptizing them who Believed and those who did not accept and Believe this message, CHRIST saying that they were already in a state of condemnation . . . from which the Church was to lead them out of.

I'm not sure exactly how CHRIST might deal with a person who formally 'rejects' the Church HE sent into the whole world to Teach and to Sanctify all of mankind through the Sacramental Actions of CHRIST's HOLY SPIRIT WHO overshadows and Indwells Her and Her Children. I don't know how CHRIST will judge me on that day . . . or how HE will judge any on that day. I pray and Hope for every one of us, both those in the Church and those outside Her Communion.

I do Believe there is only the One Holy Catholic Church and Faith . . . and we are supposed to Believe what She has taught and we who Believe are to Practice Her Sacramental Life which She has presented to the world for over 2000 years.

She is the Woman of Genesis and the Woman of the Apocalypse . . . She is Mary . . . She is our Mother both on Earth and in Heaven.

CHRIST came to us through Mary, our Mother the Church . . . and we will go back to HIM through Mary, our Mother the Church.

GOD's Divine Plan of Salvation included all of us . . . as a Family . . . and that means we have a Mother . . . and even though we would not be able to be saved without the solitary actions of CHRIST . . . in GOD's Plan for our Salvation . . . it is GOD WHO made our Mother a necessary part of the Plan.

Just Like Faith is an essential part of Salvation and without Faith it is impossible to please GOD . . . but even Faith is as clanging cymbals without Love . . . and without Works of Love . . . Faith is as Dead . . . similarly . . . CHRIST is the essential part which makes all the rest of GOD's Plan to be 'possible' . . . but that Plan includes each of us 'working' through Faith and in Love and that Plan includes a Mother.

We cannot reject the Mother and think to ourself that we are pleasing to GOD, even if we have Faith to move mountains.

If our Love is so slight as to not recognize our Mother in CHRIST, the Mother of CHRIST, our Mother, the Church . . . than, to me, we have missed GOD's Plan for a plan of our own making and choosing.

I don't expect agreement.

Thanks for allowing me to say what it is that I Believe and to talk about my Mother, Whom the LORD Loves even more dearly than even I do Love Her, HE giving Her to all of us at the foot of the Cross on Good Friday.

GOD Bless us all.