Is the Apocrypha inspired revelation?

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According to the first completed Canon of Scripture at the Council of Carthage in AD 419, the apocryphal books were adopted as biblical. Why do not the protestant Churches consider them scriptural? Most contemporary Bibles exclude the apocryphal books but even the original King James Version included them. Are they any less inspired than the other books of the Bible?

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Well Said

Brother Erick,

You have said wisely. The Bible is a very important Library Collection of Older Jewish Scripture.

Scripture is given by G-d for correcting our ways and changing our lost direction in life. The Holy Spirit will witness to each who reads The Old Testament Scriptures and show us the importance of The Word.

We must understand that G-d had a reason to keep The Holy Books of The Jews together. We want to find fault with this Book or that Book and before we know it we have enough reasons to discard all of them from our point of view.

What is most important to see is how G-d speaks to us when we read The Word of G-d with our own eyes and then listen to what The Holy Spirit is Speaking to our hearts about.

I have seen many people not read The Old Testament because they see it as done away with or completed by Jesus(Yeshua). But really they are just missing G-d's Revelation to The Jews which also speaks to us as Christians as well today, because we are a continuation of what G-d set down before He Created Everything that IS.