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Is the Apocrypha inspired revelation?

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According to the first completed Canon of Scripture at the Council of Carthage in AD 419, the apocryphal books were adopted as biblical. http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/npnf214.xv.iv.iv.xxv.html Why do not the protestant Churches consider them scriptural? Most contemporary Bibles exclude the apocryphal books but even the original King James Version included them. Are they any less inspired than the other books of the Bible?

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There is Apocrypha which is

There is Apocrypha which is Cathlolic . . . which was listed in the first approved Canon of Sacred Scripture and was in the Greek Old Testament of CHRIST's Day and which the Jews threw out of their Scripture in about 100 AD . . . and which the Protestants eventually threw out as well.

The Jews threw out these Apocrypha books of the Greek Septuagint -- these books having entered the Jewish Canon of Sacred Old Testament Scripture during approximately the time period of history being during the last 600 years before the coming of CHRIST -- . . . the Jews throwing these writings out mainly due to the early Church used them in order to proclaim the Authority of CHRIST and the Church.

This Catholic Apocrypha was in all Bibles until the Protestants eventually through them out in the 1500s . . . throwing these books out for similar reasons as did the Jews . . . throwing these books out because these Apocrypha Books too much supported Catholic Teachings with which the Protestants differed in their own understanding or mis-understanding of Faith . . . as the case may be.

The Protestants also even tried to throw out some of the New Testament Books of the Canon . . . such as James . . . but later put them back.


There is Apocrypha which is not Catholic . . . which were never part of the Canon of Sacred Scripture.

These are historic writings from the early days of the history of the Church . . . but have never been a part of the Canon of Sacred Scripture . . . and never will be.

GOD Bless us all.