CCEL Desktop "Server failed to initialize"

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I've enjoyed using the CCEL Desktop software for quite some time. I've even bought the CCEL Classics CD to support the work that you do. However, I can no longer use it because there is something incompatible with the Desktop software and the version of Java that I have installed on my system. I keep getting a "Server failed to initialize" error. A couple lines showing the actual error follows...

ERROR org.ccel.Launcher: Server failed to initialize
LifecycleException: Protocol handler initialization failed: Address already in use:5880

It seems to think that something else is listening on port 5880, however when I looked to see what was listening on that port it was the CCEL Desktop software listening. When I closed the Desktop software, nothing was listening on that port.

I'm currently using Ubuntu Linux 10.04 and have java 1.6.0_20 installed and the latest version of the Desktop software as well. I'd really like to be able to use this software again so any suggestions on how to get it to work again would be greatly appreciated.

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