Family Movie Night - - ruined again?

Fellow CCEL-ers,

If you're like me, there may have been at least one time when you picked a movie for you and your family to watch, only to have to stop the movie in the middle to due untasteful content, despite the movie's PG or PG-13 rating. Having been raised a Pentecostal, and recently converted to Baptist (or more likely Bapticostal), I am clueless about Roman Catholic culture and traditions. As such, I was amazed when I stumbled across a rare "Catholic" gem: the USCCB movie ratings database.

There are some who claim the USCCB is not conservative enough. It is not my intent to debate that, given the absense of any suitable alternatives to provide family ratings, but if you're someone like me, knowing in advance: whether a movie carries anti-Christian or anti-church undertones; whether a movie portrays a positive image of sex outside of marriage; whether a movie promotes abortion or homosexual lifestyles; etc. - - realizing that even though movies can avoid explicit sexual and/or violent content and be rated at a PG, they could still usher in un-Christian messages thru implicit references, symbols, etc.

Ratings range from "A" (acceptable) to "O" (morally offensive.)
Example ratings:
- The Star Wars movie series - A's
- The Harry Potter movie series - A's
- The Da Vinci Code - O
- Brokeback Mountain - O

More recent examples:
- Scott Pilgrim vs the World (PG-13, "O") vs Charlie St. Cloud (PG-13, "A-III")
- Clash of the Titans (PG-13, "A-III") vs The Expendables (R, "O")
- Youth in Revolt (R, "O") vs Twilight Saga: Eclipse (PG-13, "A-II")

Grace be with you all-

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