Considering a switch to a house church? Some of the 20 million in China who are forced to meet in houses would trade with you

Since the simple church movement started one would think that house churches are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Certainly many Christians have met in houses through the centuries and our Lord is present where 2-3 meet together. But, my brothers and sisters, run from that mentality that says we must all look alike. An institutional church format is not the only valid format supportable by scripture, and neither is a house church. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. I personally find the strengths of the institutional church to exceed the weaknesses and preventative of some of the weaknesses of the house churches.

And therein is the real question. Are our traditions supportable by scripture?
Does a tradition need to be directly advocated in scripture to be ok? This differs greatly from equating our tradition with scripture, and maintains the distinction that what we may do does not necessarily follow we must do.

Here are some of the traditions that have been attacked by people like Viola in Pagan Christianity.

  • Pastors and sunday morning preaching
  • Choirs and music ministry
  • Bible colleges and Sunday school
  • Special garments used by, for example, choirs
  • A dedicated church building
Thank you, Dan. by JStaller (not verified)

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