The Scale of Perfection, Book 2, Part 1 – Chapter 4

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That through the Sacrament of Baptism (which is grounded in the Passion of Christ) this Image is reformed from Original Sin

This is chapter 6 of The Scale of Perfection – Book 2 in Middle English:
That thorugh the sacrament of baptym that is groundid in the passioun of Crist this image is reformed fro the original synne.

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Love Ends all Arguments

The Greatness of the Kaaba as a place of gathering is measured by the expanse of the desert, and the brigands along the way

Every belief or doctrine that does not lift you up is like a brigand or a treacherous mountain pass

When doctrines become bitter enemies, the Imitator becomes perplexed at the crossroads

He sees that both ways go somewhere, and every group is pleased by his own path

and even if it cannot reply to criticisms of its way, the group will cling to it until the resurrection, saying
'Our experts know the answer, even if we dont!'

But only Love dissolves doubt and banishes temptation
Become a Lover, follow that Crane from river to river

How will you have that water with someone who drains your water away?

How will you perceive the Truth with someone who consumes your apprehension?

With Love you will discover an Intelligence BEYOND these intelligible things

By one kind of intelligence you earn a living;
By this other you ascend the carpeted tiers of Heaven.

When you gamble your intelligence away in Love, HE multiplies it by ten or by seven hundred.

Remember those women of Egypt who lost their minds in the presence of the handsome Joseph?

The cupbearer of Life took their minds away in a single moment,
But they drank from the Cup of Wisdom for the rest of their lives.

You should wish to be as much in love as those women
But there is another Beauty that would blow Joseph away.

Dear Soul, Love alone cuts arguments short
For it alone comes to the rescue when you cry for help against disputes.

Eloquence is dumbfounded by Love:
It dares not wrangle, for the Lover fears if he answers back
the pearl of inner experience
might fall out of his mouth.

His lips are sealed.

A companion of the Prophet said:
"Whenever the Messenger recited revelation to us, he would demand complete attentiveness."

Its as if a bird had perched on your head, and your soul wants it to stay there.

You dont cough
You hardly breathe
and if someone else starts talking you put your finger to your lips: shhhhhh!!!!

It puts a lid on your kettle so that you boil.