The Scale of Perfection, Book 2, Part 1 – Chapter 4

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That through the Sacrament of Baptism (which is grounded in the Passion of Christ) this Image is reformed from Original Sin

This is chapter 6 of The Scale of Perfection – Book 2 in Middle English:
That thorugh the sacrament of baptym that is groundid in the passioun of Crist this image is reformed fro the original synne.

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The problem with the way you address the quesiton is that you assume I have some sort of answer. I don't. Neither do I think there is such an "answer", a key to unlock all doors, so to speak. That's the stuff of fairy tales and fables, and has no bearing upon real events in the world. I will say that I am attracted to historical materialism, if you call that a theory. As opposed to radical idealism on the one hand, and dialectical materialism (DM) on the other, HM tries to observe events in the world while viewing those events in the general historical continuum of which they form a part, and in which they are grounded. It is a "theory" in that it supposes that various factors: namely, the distribution of material resources and the limitations of technology influence and contribute to what is possible in a particular social strata. I would hardly call this a "theory", but if you come up with a better one, let me know.

" alterius non sit qui suus esse potest "