What are your views about Hillsong Church (pls view report from Channel 7 Sydney Australia)?

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Channel 7 in Sydney Australia did a tv program 1 week ago on the popularity of hillsong church over the world (1million followers) , controversial since its pastor Brian Houston refused to speak to the media previously. Does wealth and a successful church go hand in hand ? Why is it so popular amongst the younger generation ? Would be great to hear your opinions ...

link :
www.tuneintogod.com and click on ''bible blog''

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Views on Hillsongs. . .

Hillsongs have been around waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long - time for something new. Our church used them for over 2 yrs. straight & nothing but Hillsongs. Got so tired of them.

I'm very selective about female singers, whether lead singers or not. Much prefer black gospel instead of white praise music - it takes you to a different level!