What are your views about Hillsong Church (pls view report from Channel 7 Sydney Australia)?

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Channel 7 in Sydney Australia did a tv program 1 week ago on the popularity of hillsong church over the world (1million followers) , controversial since its pastor Brian Houston refused to speak to the media previously. Does wealth and a successful church go hand in hand ? Why is it so popular amongst the younger generation ? Would be great to hear your opinions ...

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With respect to missing your children, is that Hillsong's fault?

Many local churches for many years have had services several nights of the week. The scriptures speak of meeting daily and enjoin us to encourage each other daily.

I am sorry your adult children have chosen to diminish time they could spend with you but that is hardly Hillsong's fault. In fact, adult children emancipating from their parents is rather healthy. My daughter works full time and goes to school full time. Then as director of children's ministry at her church, not affiliated with Hillsong, spends 2-3 nights a week doing something in addition to Sun AM. It may be days before we get a chance to talk and that is with her living under our roof.

I guess I am really saying you have said nothing that distinguishes this group as a cult. Any person actively involved in his/her church is likely to have less time for their natural family. It is a matter of their priorities individually that can be called into question. I know one person who realized after a decade of spending 3-5 days a week doing outreach for his local church that he had lost a decade with his grandchildren .... and no one asked him to do it but himself. His lack of proper priorities wasnt the local church's fault.

In Christ,

Dan Fugett