What are your views about Hillsong Church (pls view report from Channel 7 Sydney Australia)?

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Channel 7 in Sydney Australia did a tv program 1 week ago on the popularity of hillsong church over the world (1million followers) , controversial since its pastor Brian Houston refused to speak to the media previously. Does wealth and a successful church go hand in hand ? Why is it so popular amongst the younger generation ? Would be great to hear your opinions ...

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My son went to college there

And now he and his wife work at one of Hillsong plant churches in California. I am NOT a fan. I believe it is a cult church and draws young people in with it's music and loudness and completely alienates them from any family that doesn't also attend one of their churches. It is a very watered down message. (I attended Hillsong for 3 months when I was in AU for their marriage). It is based on snippets from the Word without any real meat. Many times I sat there and wanted to run out of the building as the message was so far away from His actual Word.

Their community service is huge which is their one redeeming factor.

If you get involved with them be ready to be hooked in full into several nights per week fellowship and the like.

The church becomes everything and becomes the "god". Very sad and I pray daily for my children who are immersed in it.

It is just another mega-church that is all about reaping money to build their kingdom on earth.

And to those who have written above condemning those who are speaking the truth, since when did our Messiah hold His tongue and keep silent? He was very outspoken about the truth of the Word.