What are your views about Hillsong Church (pls view report from Channel 7 Sydney Australia)?

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Channel 7 in Sydney Australia did a tv program 1 week ago on the popularity of hillsong church over the world (1million followers) , controversial since its pastor Brian Houston refused to speak to the media previously. Does wealth and a successful church go hand in hand ? Why is it so popular amongst the younger generation ? Would be great to hear your opinions ...

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Wow! After watching it a

Wow! After watching it a couple times I have come to a conclusion. I am shocked! That yet another pastor has a great opportunity to be a witness and to quote the truth and does not. When asked about questions of whether or not homosexuality is a sin and abortion as well. He could have just quoted scripture, instead of just saying any "Any sex outside of marriage is a sin".That leaves people who believe that homosexual marriages are sanctified as well to believe that God allows it. However, he did give an answer to abortion. Which was very light. I know we should not offend others but we are to stand up in boldness and proclaim the truth. Even the little comments about his son, "they maybe preaching Christianity, but they're treated like rock gods" were said for a reason. Even though he states it is strange that the people come to him as they do and says would be nice not have to deal with all that kind of stuff. My question is, why not use that opportunity to preach about following Christ, having a personal relationship with Him, keeping the eyes on the prize, and having a God centered following and not a man following. Have many things to say but so disappointed to say them. So many opportunities to set some souls free from bondage, confirm some people's doubts, and just be a witness of the our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Lukewarmness is an epidemic that's spreading all across many churches these days. Be careful that you're not affected as well.