Nehemiah Chapter 10, Records The Covenant of Faith and Those Who Committed to Follow The Torah

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In this Chapter of Nehemiah we will read about all of those who by Faith chose to follow all of what The Torah Teaches. The Laws, that were neglected and they gave their pledge to walk in them and uphold all of them. The Spirit of Repentance(Teshuvah) follows with the resolve of Nehemiah The Governor, Zedekiah and The People, to Change their old ways of neglect, and Renew their Spiritual Connection to The Holy Land.

First there is a list of 83 signatories of The Covenant of Faith(The Bris Amanah) with a seal. The Temple tax is established as one-third shekel because of the economy, down from Exodus 20:13-14 of one-half shekel, which was the same later is in New Testament Times.

It brings up The Oath, Intermarriage and The Sabbath. The Mitzvos, The Wood Offerings, The Firstborn, The First of Your Dough(Challah) and The First Fruits(Terumah) and Tithing.

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I Really Didn't Address Your Question Very Well

Collin and Class,

Maybe I should have said that Redemption is a Biblical Theme that is played out within The Scriptures.

Redemption of the firstborn son within Exodus 13:1-2, is what we are talking about and in Hebrew it is Pidyon HaBen. It is a Ransom for the Firstborn Son.

Understanding the meaning of Redemption is key to our understanding what G-d is doing through out all of time with the generations of mankind. The word Redemption means to buy back what was already payed for.

So I'm going to add some information from: Hebrew for Christians;

I have edited this selection so it is easy to read The English. I hope this make it easier to understand as well.

Originally the firstborn(bechor) son(ben) was to be the Priest(Kohen) of The Jewish Family. As the firstborn(bechor), he would be required to offer sacrifice(avodah) on behalf of the other family members.

G-d said in Exodus 13:2, ...the first issue of every womb among the Israelites is Mine...

Thus, the firstborn sons were sanctified and obligated to serve as Priests(Kohanim) from birth. We see evidence of this in the lives of the early patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and even Jacob, who received the blessing of the firstborn through transfer from Esav. And because the firstborn sons(bechorim) were consecrated as Kohanim, during the Exodus from Egypt, G-d spared them when He issued the 10th plague(makah) and the death of the firstborn(bechor).

However, after the Exodus from Egypt, the Israelites committed the grievous Sin of the Golden Calf, of which only the tribe of Levi was not guilty. Consequently the L-RD decreed that the Levites were to take the place of the firstborn sons of Israel, from Numbers 3:11-12.

But since a firstborn son is technically a disqualified Priest(Kohen), he had to be substituted with a Kohen from the tribe of Levi, and therefore G-d required that all firstborn sons who were not themselves Levites or Kohens, must be redeemed from service to G-d by means of paying five shekels of silver, from Numbers 18:15.

The Divine Irony

Since Yeshua(Jesus) was the first-born son of Mary, He was of the Kingly lineage of Judah, He was not of the priestly Tribe of Levi or of the Kohanim, so according to The Torah He must be redeemed. His presentation at The Temple, was intended to have the Levites represent His (work and worship). But then ironically, was fulfilled at the end of his life, as He was killed by their deliberate counsel.

From John 11:49-52,

V49 But one of them, Caiaphas, who was High Priest(Kohen Gadol) that year, said to them, "You know nothing at all.

V50 Nor do you understand that it is better for you that one man should die for the people, not that the whole nation should perish"

V51 He did not say this of his own accord, but being high priest that year he prophesied that Yeshua(Jesus) would die for the Nation,

V52 and not for the Nation only, but also to gather into one the children of G-d who are scattered abroad.

And now a little more about Redemption and the irony that took place as Yeshua(Jesus) was walking this Earth:

Those appointed to redeem Yeshua(Jesus) as His Kohanim, according to the terms of The Mosaic Covenant were the very ones who made Yeshua(Jesus) our Redeemer! In other words, those who were appointed to represent Yeshua(Jesus) before G-d were the very ones who offered Him up as a sacrifice for our sins...

I hope this was a little better to understand, and you can visit the site where I transfered the information from if you need more information.