Nehemiah Chapter 10, Records The Covenant of Faith and Those Who Committed to Follow The Torah

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In this Chapter of Nehemiah we will read about all of those who by Faith chose to follow all of what The Torah Teaches. The Laws, that were neglected and they gave their pledge to walk in them and uphold all of them. The Spirit of Repentance(Teshuvah) follows with the resolve of Nehemiah The Governor, Zedekiah and The People, to Change their old ways of neglect, and Renew their Spiritual Connection to The Holy Land.

First there is a list of 83 signatories of The Covenant of Faith(The Bris Amanah) with a seal. The Temple tax is established as one-third shekel because of the economy, down from Exodus 20:13-14 of one-half shekel, which was the same later is in New Testament Times.

It brings up The Oath, Intermarriage and The Sabbath. The Mitzvos, The Wood Offerings, The Firstborn, The First of Your Dough(Challah) and The First Fruits(Terumah) and Tithing.

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Nehemiah 10:36, The Firstborn Of Our Sons

In our study of the next verse 36, from Nehemiah Chapter 10, we will be reading about The Redemption of The Firstborn of our sons.

Let us read this next verse, Nehemiah 10:36, from The King James Bible,

V36 Also the firstborn of our sons, and of our cattle, as [it is] written in the law, and the firstlings of our herds and of our flocks, to bring to the house of our G-d, unto the priests that minister in the house of our G-d:

So what is being spoken about here is The Redeeming of The Firstborn males. This is found in The Book of Exodus 13:13, from The King James Bible,

V13 And every firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem with a lamb; and if thou wilt not redeem it, then thou shalt break his neck: and all the firstborn of man among thy children shalt thou redeem.

What was required from The Law of Moses given by G-d was ever firstborn male was to be redeemed for a price that was set in value of The Temple currency. This was to be done for ever firstborn male son or animal. However the first borne of Kosher animals(sheep or cattle) was to be given to The Kohen who would then bring it as a sacrifice, from Exodus 13:12, The King James Bible,

V12 That thou shalt set apart unto the L-RD all that openeth the matrix(womb), and every firstling that cometh of a beast which thou hast; the males [shall be] the L-RD'S.

What is the meaning that we are seeing representing here in Nehemiah by The Firstborn? Well let me go back to what is recorded in Hebrew Shemos(Exodus), from Parashas, Bo. It is the same thing in English, King James, but I will say it in a few of my own words with a Hebrew word usage.

What is being said is; Looking back to when we(The Jews) were in bondage in Egypt and HaShem(G-d) asked us(The Hebrews) to identify our homes entry way (with the blood of a freshly kill lamb which was then consumed that same evening by everyone at the evening meal. The Firstborn males of their home both man and beast would then be spared) so The Death Angel that HaShem would send over all of Egypt later on that night would know us by our observance of His request.

This Redemption at The Temple honored HaShem for all male firstborn to issue out of the womb in remembrance of His Work while we were in Egypt.

The male head of the house was to offer The Redemption Price to The Kohen for his firstborn son and it shall be a sign upon your arms and upon your eyes, for with a strong Hand HaShem removed us from Egypt.

Can we see a picture of G-d's Redemption from the above mentioned Book if Exodus, Shemos, Bo, Chapter 13?

Can you also see from this same picture in your mind The Son of Man also has Redeemed us as His Bride with His Shed Blood? We are His Church, The Israel of G-d, The Israel that is The Remnant of G-d from The Tanakh and all those who by Faith and believed G-d.

What is happening in our reading from Nehemiah is a reenactment of G-d's Redemption from bondage for The House of Israel. It is this same type of bondage that we in todays world are also in as well. It is G-d's Redemption that The Jews were looking back at and remembering what G-d had done as a picture of what He was also going to to do in the future.

Today we also know that same Redemption! It was given by G-d through His Firstborn Son, Yeshua(Jesus). Today we can know that we also have been Redeemed by G-d and The Price has been paid by Him as well.

G-d's Redemption comes to us by our confession to G-d of sin which separates us from G-d's Love. When we turn to doing things G-d's Way He then comes into our life and helps us to clean up our way and directs us in our coming and going. The Price that G-d paid for our Redemption was given as a gift to us freely by His Firstborn Son.

This is just another reason why we miss so much in the way of understanding The Old Testament Scriptures when we don't look at who it was that preserved The Scriptures for us. A great portion of time was spent making sure each word was kept true to the original with each copy that was made through out all of time.

So we today can now read The Scripture from The Old Testament, and then understand them as our beginning in how we are to live according to G-d's Way of living our life for Him.

Our next verse is also going to go through a little more about what I have already mentioned from Exodus 13 with what was worn on the arm and eyes by The Jews as identification of observing G-d's directions in our life.