Nehemiah Chapter 10, Records The Covenant of Faith and Those Who Committed to Follow The Torah

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In this Chapter of Nehemiah we will read about all of those who by Faith chose to follow all of what The Torah Teaches. The Laws, that were neglected and they gave their pledge to walk in them and uphold all of them. The Spirit of Repentance(Teshuvah) follows with the resolve of Nehemiah The Governor, Zedekiah and The People, to Change their old ways of neglect, and Renew their Spiritual Connection to The Holy Land.

First there is a list of 83 signatories of The Covenant of Faith(The Bris Amanah) with a seal. The Temple tax is established as one-third shekel because of the economy, down from Exodus 20:13-14 of one-half shekel, which was the same later is in New Testament Times.

It brings up The Oath, Intermarriage and The Sabbath. The Mitzvos, The Wood Offerings, The Firstborn, The First of Your Dough(Challah) and The First Fruits(Terumah) and Tithing.

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re isolation

you are on the correct path but i believe God wanted us to be married to a christian and not an unbeliever because an unbeliever can lead you astray if you are not careful. you have to deal with her speaking unbelief into your life, they bring strife, pride, and all that is ungodly in their lives into your marriage and besides having to deal with all that you must all work on your own shortcomings. while all this is happening you must all deal with worldly influences and the problems that may bring with it. with a believer you have less risk of this happening. but like you said if you can handle this and allow God to do his thing in your lives then it will work out in the end. btw i have heard of stories where it has taken 20 years for the spouse of those married to come to the Lord. so we need to understand that God works things for us and gives us what we ask but it may not always be when and how we expect.