Nehemiah Chapter 10, Records The Covenant of Faith and Those Who Committed to Follow The Torah

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In this Chapter of Nehemiah we will read about all of those who by Faith chose to follow all of what The Torah Teaches. The Laws, that were neglected and they gave their pledge to walk in them and uphold all of them. The Spirit of Repentance(Teshuvah) follows with the resolve of Nehemiah The Governor, Zedekiah and The People, to Change their old ways of neglect, and Renew their Spiritual Connection to The Holy Land.

First there is a list of 83 signatories of The Covenant of Faith(The Bris Amanah) with a seal. The Temple tax is established as one-third shekel because of the economy, down from Exodus 20:13-14 of one-half shekel, which was the same later is in New Testament Times.

It brings up The Oath, Intermarriage and The Sabbath. The Mitzvos, The Wood Offerings, The Firstborn, The First of Your Dough(Challah) and The First Fruits(Terumah) and Tithing.

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Please, Let Me Help You

Brother Edd,

The text I am using is to help us understand The Hebrew words.

Strong's Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible takes The Hebrew and guides us through the development of the word to it's Primitive Root in Paleo Hebrew/Phoenician.

It is a direct link to what The Hebrew word means. We cannot translate directly but must Transliterate the root meaning and the usage back to find what is being said by the originator of the word in The Hebrew.

What you are seeing by my usage of Strong's is to give you the first hand information that is needed to understand what is meant by the word in The Hebrew.

When we use The Greek meaning, we do not receive The Hebrew transliterated meaning of the root that we do with The Hebrew that was actually penned down by The Scribes.

What you are reading is The Hebrew meaning of the Hebrew Word 'Serajah'. Sera is the first meaning and Jah is the next Hebrew Word meaning. Jah, Yah, and Yahh is G-d in Hebrew. Sera means persists or prevailed in The Hebrew. So The Hebrew meaning of the word Serajah' is G-d persists or G-d prevailed.

The last entry is how many Hebrews used this name in The Tanakh(Old Testament).

The actual Hebrew word is listed under the Strong's numbers, #8304 and #8280, that you can actually look up for yourself on line at Biblos. com. from:

I hope this helps you with following along with our study and how I try to show what is really found in The Hebrew meanings of Words that we find from of text in Nehemiah 10.