The Scale of Perfection, Book 2, Part 1 – Chapter 1

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SECTION I: That a Man is the Image of God after the Soul and not after the Body; and how he is restored and reformed thereto that was misshapen by Sin
SECTION II: That Jews and Pagans and also false Christians are not reformed effectually through the virtue of the Passion through their own Faults

These are chapters 1 to 3 of The Scale of Perfection – Book 2 in Middle English:
This chapitle scheweth that a man is seid the image of God aftir the soule and not aftir the bodi.
Hou it nedide to mankynde that oonli thorugh the passioun of oure Lord it schulde be restorid and reformed that was forsaken bi the first synne.
That Jewes and paynymes and also fals Cristene men are not reformed effectuali thorugh vertu of this passioun for here owen defaute.

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Sin Is Separation From G-d


Are we going to Analise G-d's Word or are we going to do what G-d has asked us to do? When we question What G-d has asked us to do we are already in Rebellion. That is sin.

According to the Word of G-d, sin is Rebellion from G-d's Word and it brings us into separation from G-d.

Did you ever disobey your mother? That is called Rebellion in nature. We all have this in our makeup as humans. The first word that is usually applied as a demand by a child is "no". This is the first word of Rebellion and it is against it most needed neuterer, mom.

It is G-d's Word that will never Change, so it would be impossible for us to dismiss anything G-d says is human behavior or call Rebellion by anything else but sin.

Man has one problem and it relates to our disobedience of G-d's Word. When we disobey G-d, G-d has a name for it. It is called Rebellion of sin. This makes more sense, because it comes from G-d's Word.

From The Book of Jeremiah 17:9-10, The Prophet Jeremiah speaks about the heart of man and he says it is deceitful and wicked, I'll quot it, from The New International Version,

V9 The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.
Who can understand it?
V10“I the L-rd search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve.”

So we are trying to find what the mind of our G-d is saying to us, are we not?

As we dig deeper into what G-d is like and find out this separating us from The Love of G-d functioning with in us. We will find it as a heart issue, which is remedied only by G-d's Provision in The Redemption of man from his rebellion in sin.

This Provision was accomplished by Yeshua(Jesus), living a perfect life without sinning. He died at the hands of a Roman Execution as our Redeemer. He spent 3 days and nights in the grave. He arose from the dead as Savior of all mankind walking with His Disciples and friends. Then He ascended into The Heaven of heavens as our High Priest at The Right Hand of G-d The Father.