The Scale of Perfection, Book 2, Part 1 – Chapter 1

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SECTION I: That a Man is the Image of God after the Soul and not after the Body; and how he is restored and reformed thereto that was misshapen by Sin
SECTION II: That Jews and Pagans and also false Christians are not reformed effectually through the virtue of the Passion through their own Faults

These are chapters 1 to 3 of The Scale of Perfection – Book 2 in Middle English:
This chapitle scheweth that a man is seid the image of God aftir the soule and not aftir the bodi.
Hou it nedide to mankynde that oonli thorugh the passioun of oure Lord it schulde be restorid and reformed that was forsaken bi the first synne.
That Jewes and paynymes and also fals Cristene men are not reformed effectuali thorugh vertu of this passioun for here owen defaute.

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THE Absolute

Well commented!

Seems to me Love is the goal, and so absolute in every age.
In many places in the Bible, Love is said to be the Law, to fulfill the Law - as God is Love itself.

Paul says the reason Love fulfills the Law is it does not harm/wrong/ill to its neighbour.
Jesus said the measure of Love is to "treat others how we want to be treated" - which for me would start with "no harm"!
How about you!

So "sin" in any age - and Biblically - would therefore be anything causing harm - to ourselves, our neighbour and our relationship with God.

So seems to me a goal of "no harm" to ourselves - our neighbour - and our relationship with God (Love God, and your neighbour as yourself) would be an absolute under which "all the Law and the prophets" fall - and one all of humanity could likely ascribe to.

Whadday think?


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Within and In Your Midst

Within and In Your Midst