Finding faith?

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What is the nature of saving faith? What if you end up in a situation opposite to the man in Mark the sense, you know God CAN, but you no longer believe that He WILL help you or save you?

What if despite having had what you thought was true faith, despite centering your life on God for years, all you get is silence within and without? You see your life falling apart in every possible way for no rhyme or reason - esp in areas where you completely trusted God to deliever you with a child-like faith. And on top of it there is no inner follow a check-list of dos and don'ts because it says so in the Bible - but there's no real fruit of the Spirit within - no joy, hope, love or peace...Atleast, even if it was there earlier - it has died.

So what conclusions do you draw from your experiences or the lack of those? That your faith is weak? Well, how does one produce a stronger faith?

I've been praying for faith and spiritual health for years...what more must I do to have proper faith? Doesn't faith flow from grace? So have I been denied that grace? After yrs of opposition, should I accept Calvinism to be true? That grace is extended only to a select few, and I don't happen to be one?

And if faith is a function of my will, then how do I go about willing it? In the last couple of months, I've strongly come to doubt that I have whatever it takes to have God's presence in my life. I look at my life now, and all I feel for God is fear - for bad as things are, I know He could make them even worse (in order to test me?). How can I fake a loving devotion to Him?

It's a very strange situation - I know my life is not worth a bean without God...yet I also know that He's not in my life and there's nothing I can do to bring Him into my life..desperate though I may be..Can one continue to believe that God is in his life year after year, in the absence of any internal or external corroboration of that?

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Noshi You did not


You did not misunderstand me, that is exactly what I believe although that view is not popular today. However if you go back to the last and last few centuries before then, you will find many who believed the same thing. It was the stuff of revivals, when men were faced with the thought that unless they were walking in holiness and not sinning, then they were outside of Christ as the scriptures tell us that he that is born of God does not sin plain and simple without the usual proviso that it means habitual sin or a lifestyle such as drunkeness but a habitual sin could just as easily be getting irritated withe childrn on a Sunday morning when they won`t hurry.

The most productive missionaries and Christian writers have been those who say that one is sanctified in an instant although there is a process before it when men feel the dryness or deadness you are talking about, and do not settle down to accept it as all one can expect, but get on their knees and cry out to God to come to them and for the Holy Spirit to fall on them.

It is right through scripture for those who have eyes to see but will not be seen by the blind. Many have found the answer to their prayers this way and have lived afterwards with the joy of their salvation restored but it is up to us - God does not force the land of Caanan on us and we only get what we have faith for. I pray that you will see that the hunger and thirst for righteousness has been placed within us because God wants to fulfill these desires of our heart.

It all boils down to how much we are satisifed with the world and how much we really want Christ with us. He only answers us if we really mean to get down to spiritual business.

The instructions are for those who have been sanctified but not yet entirely sanctified which is the first step in the porocess. It is only those who have first been sanctified who are able to have victory over sin, those in the prior stage are unable to stop their sins (see Romans 7).