The Scale of Perfection, Book 1, Part 3 – Chapter 12

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A comparing of this Image with the Image of Jesus, and how it is to be dealt with
Whereof the image of Jhesu is maad, and the ymage of synne and hou we aren passynge forth by the image of synne.
What profite cometh of the kepynge of the herte, and hou moche the soule is.
Hou the ymage of synne schal be broken doun.
How a man schal have hym ayens stirynges of pride and of alle othere vices.
What thynge helpith most a mannys knowynge, and geteth him that hym wanteth, and distroieth synne in hym.
- Chapter titles from chapters 86 to 90 of The Scale of Perfection – Book 1 in Middle English

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