Missions and Acts - Covenantal Approach?

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Basically this is just a "what do we learn about the Church from Acts?" thread. As we watch Paul and Barnabas and then Paul and Silas building the Church in Acts, what can we learn about their concept of the Church as a whole? Robert suggested my original plan was too cumbersome so asked me to create new threads.

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Jesus said he was sent to seek and saved the lost sheep of Israel - yet he still had a place for Gentiles who were present when he was preaching. When the new Church began in Acts i took a sign from God before the Apostles were prepared to take the Gospel to the Gentiles at all. Then when Paul did, he went first to the Jews and then to the Greeks. We explore this aspect of his method of missions.

The process Paul used (The Jews first and then the Greeks) may set out a policy we should keep in mind for missions outreach. Do you think this was a deliberate policy? Do you think he began with those who, not only should have been the easiest to reach with the truth but also, were the ones who should join with him in the further work of outreach? What part did their greater accountability under the covenant have to play in his use of this policy?

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Why Do I Spell God with A (-)

So everyone knows where I am coming from, as Justin has requested, I will point out that my Calling has always been to The Jew first and then to The Gentiles. I am not Jewish by Faith but My Master Is A Jewish Carpenter and He is my Lord.

I met Jesus at the age of 9 by reading my sister's take home papers from Daily Vacation Bible School. The story was about Jesus and what He did for my sins. This was just a visual with a red cellophane viewer. Sin was written in red letters upon a background of sheep and when you looked through the viewer at the sheep, all you would see is the sheep picture with our the red word sin. Then after attending Sunday School at a Baptist Church at age 12, I turned my life over to Jesus and surrendered to Him, and He change me into a new person and became my Lord and my Savior and was Baptised at age 12 in flowing water.

At an early age G-d called me to be a Light unto His Chosen People, The Jews. It was a long and challenging road that I walked. I have lost many Jewish friends over the years, some despised me for even mentioning Jesus to them. It was a hard learning process but I usually stand alone most of the time as I talk about G-d's Redemption to The World. Not very many Christians will take this road because of the difficulty.

I support others who have taken this road and who move to Israel to work there as Missionaries To The Jews.

So many time as I mentor others I find out later that they were from a Jewish family. It is what Jesus pointed out and the Disciples followed the same pattern of speaking to The Jew first and then The Gentiles.

Some may have already picked you on this. But this is usually the reaction I receive from most Christians who know very little about The Jews Roots in Judaism that we have as Christians. Most ofter we even don't know how to witness to a Jew about our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

The first thing I realized when I would talk to a Jewish friend was his reaction when I said Jesus. He or she would wave me off and change the subject. I spent much time in research, to discover why this was happening, as every Jew that I talked to would give me the same reaction about Jesus. Maybe some of you have noticed this if you live in a large metro area of the world where many Jews live.

To a Jew, Jesus is like a dirty word and it is never used. It is referred to as the "J" word. The reason is because of it's Greek and Latin origin. It is not a Hebrew Name and translates something that is foreign to them. The second reason is because it is a Christian Name and Christians have been at the root of many different forms of Jewish Persecution and removed many Jews from the worlds different cultures by so called Christian people doing God's Work.

For Christians, it started in Rome with Jews not being allowed back into Christian Churches. Jews were told to get their own Church. This went on and has caused many different divisions between Christianity and Jews. I can't name every one but discovered there were many in European History from Spain to Russia.

Even today some Christian Churches think they have replaced The Jewish People as God's chosen. So you can see that I am pointing out several so called Christian Denominations who literally declare this position as The Truth.

A Christian neighbor who is a pastor at one of these Churches has pointed this out to me as I describe to him something Jewish and also Christian such as Salvation, Atonement, Restoration, Repentance, Grace, Truth and Sacrifice but the greatest of G-d's Gifts is Love. He pointed out that The Jews were out of G-d's Grace and had no business being in The Church. This sound like something that just happened lately to me all over again.

The Jew was in constant fear of discovery by The Church through out our History. Some gave in and changed their Faith in G-d to Christian, but only to survive the persecution by The Church.

Now back to why I spell G-d the way I do. As I said, God has Called me to witness about Jesus to the Jews in my Community here in California. It has been a one on one with my Jewish Friends to introduce them to Jesus which is Yeshua Ha-Mashiach in Hebrew, Jesus The Christ in English.

So when I give the scripture about Ha-Mashiach they are very interested and study the facts, and this is because I approach them with The Prophetic, The Redeemer of mans Soul who is G-d and Yeshua all in ONE. But I use the Old Testament and point out Isaiah and Jeremiah to them of the time line to Messiah and G-d's Holy Spirit at work in mans lives pointing us to The Anointed One, Yeshua(Jesus) and what He will do as The Suffering Servant, whom The Jews refer to as all of Israel.

Most of The Messianic view in Scripture from a Jewish viewing point is A Redeeming Warrior and King who defends and liberates Israel from all of their enemies and The Land of Israel is then made Holy again because of The Return of The Jews to The Land(Eretz Israel).

This will happen when Jesus Come The Second Time and destroys the works of Satan and binds him for a 1000 years of Sabbath Reign as King of The Jews and High Priest after The Order of Melchizedek(King of Righteousness).

So this is how I teach, from a Jew would understand of Scripture from Torah. The Word of G-d from The Torah, rings true to them and is receiver and it does bring change to the life of each Jew G-d Calls back Home to Him by His Holy Spirit, The Rauch HaKodesh of G-d.

So to make the case understandable to you, this is why I spell G-d the way I do. It is to minister to The Jews first and then to The Gentiles. My teaching is very similar to what a Jewish Rabbi would teach The Torah or Scriptures from The Tanakh. It is G-d's Truth that can not be defended against by a Jew.

It is also similar to Messianic Jewish Teaching. My reason in doing this is to make it non invasive to My Brethren, The Jews, whom G-d is Calling into The Kingdom.

So this is my story so all will know that Jesus Is My Lord of LORDS, MY King of KINGS and my High Priest after The Order of Melchizedek and not Aaron. Holy is The L-rd G-d Almighty(Avinu Malkenu)!