Missions and Acts - Covenantal Approach?

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Basically this is just a "what do we learn about the Church from Acts?" thread. As we watch Paul and Barnabas and then Paul and Silas building the Church in Acts, what can we learn about their concept of the Church as a whole? Robert suggested my original plan was too cumbersome so asked me to create new threads.

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Jesus said he was sent to seek and saved the lost sheep of Israel - yet he still had a place for Gentiles who were present when he was preaching. When the new Church began in Acts i took a sign from God before the Apostles were prepared to take the Gospel to the Gentiles at all. Then when Paul did, he went first to the Jews and then to the Greeks. We explore this aspect of his method of missions.

The process Paul used (The Jews first and then the Greeks) may set out a policy we should keep in mind for missions outreach. Do you think this was a deliberate policy? Do you think he began with those who, not only should have been the easiest to reach with the truth but also, were the ones who should join with him in the further work of outreach? What part did their greater accountability under the covenant have to play in his use of this policy?

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Love Is Key to Understanding G-d's Grace Toward Us

Brother ElderDad,

Probably the most important Idea that Yeshua(Jesus) put forth in His Ministry on Earth was to Love G-d above all other things on this Earth and to Love your Neighbor as you would Love yourself.

Probably the only way to really understand what I'm talking about is to study The Tanakh for yourself, rather than just using The Later Scripture for your context to your personal reasoning without really reading The Whole Word of G-d.

To understand The Heart of Torah helps you understand a G-d of Compassion and Love Who care for His Chosen People, The Jews. His Grace was sufficient to Redeem them from their sins. Is this not what G-d does for us today, Redeem us from our sins?

Understanding what Devine Inspiration is all about, which you do seem to hold to, will also help you see that G-d is behind all of Scripture, no matter who is the said author.

With an attitude of I'm right and your wrong will not make your witness heard by very many Jews. The Scripture tells us to Humble ourselves under The Mighty Hand of G-d. Our L-rd, Yeshua(Jesus) said we must follow His Example and be His Servants. So I doubt if any Jew has ever followed your advise.

So by example My Brother, I humble myself under The Might Hand of G-d and show Honor where Honor is due. To G-d be The Glory, Great things He has done. G-d's Holy Spirit Bears Witness to what is in our heart. Do you have Jesus in your heart? Is Jesus presented as Love by your actions and critical thinking of what G-d means to me? I would say no you are not presenting love when you present a critical spirit.

The sons of Korah, Datan and Aviram were challenging Moses and even G-d directly. G-d opened up The Earth and swallowed all of their familys. We must first reflect on our own actions in any situation of conflict before we stand in The Judgment Bema of criticizing our Brethren with their position.

So if I'm a Jew and believe that Yeshua(Jesus) is L-rd of my life, I have no right posting here at CCEL about my Jewish Understanding of Who G-d Is to me?

So, you are trying to make it perfectly clear to me that my inheritance in Judaism is inappropriate to talk about because it is anti-Christian? This is also what a Pharisee would say, in so many word as you have to me, my Brother. You sound like a person with religious zeal! Is this not what you have been doing to me the same that is what the Pharisees did as well?

It appears to me, that you are not understanding all of The Word of G-d correctly, my Brother.

We have all sinned and came short of The Glory of G-d. Even The Pharisees were living in sin and G-d's Judgment was soon becoming due.

The Pharisees religious zeal and dedication were held up as models worthy of imitation. They held belief very strictly to The Torah and The Talmud and were very outwardly moral people.

And yet it was this Sect of Judaism that changed much of The Hebrew Scripture to match their Religious Views and were the ones to take out much of The Messianic Prophesy about Yeshua(Jesus), so it would not match up with The Christian Teachings sometime after 70AD.

Even Paul A Jew, considered himself a Top Pharisee or a Pharisee of Pharisees. But when G-d met him it changed his life from being Saul into a New Man named Paul.

Your last statement you shot full of holes. You mis-represent Yeshua(Jesus) with your words of mis-understanding of Who Jesus Is. Jesus was found in The Temple from His Youth, teaching The Elders His Wisdom. Your statement is incorrect; ...Jesus did not embrace Judaism...

So please don't mis-represent my L-rd, this is being Pharisaical of what I hold dear in my heart for my G-d.