Acts, Missions and Church Government

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Basically this is just a "what do we learn about the Church from Acts?" thread. As we watch Paul and Barnabas and then Paul and Silas building the Church in Acts, what can we learn about their concept of the Church as a whole? Robert suggested my original plan was too cumbersome so asked me to create new threads.

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This particular thread deals with the role of other "permanent structures" in the Church. We can all appreciate (from Acts 15) that there is need for occasional gatherings of the wider Church to deal with problems which affect more than just the congregations in a local region. But permanent sections above the local congregation?

The focus is Missions Boards a) because most Churches have them and b) because it appears from Acts 13 that it was local congregations sent out the first missionaries. We need not limit ourselves to missions boards though how about an executive body or an inter-Church Relations board, Bible Translations committee and so on. Is it really likely from our study of Acts that the Lord intended us to set up Churches like governments? How does your Church deal with these matters?