Shelb Spong and Divinity of Jesus as Lord and Savior and Lord!

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As an eccumenical Franciscan Priest. Let me state that I am a deep follower of Jesus as my Lord and Savior. However as a Priest little "c".. I hold to the Nicean Creed. .Apostles Creed..etc. yet I find myself in deep dispute with many priests I've known for many years. Seems many have attended workshops as I have with Episcopal Bishop Shelby Spong. I've heard him speak a number of times... the last being in Portland where I walked out of his talk as he demanded all crosses be covered in the sanctuary. The local clergy did as he asked. .yet I found out that most Episcopal clergy concelebrated a mass with Spong. MY question to many friends was this. .how can anyone follow the teachings and go so far as to attend a mass with Spong.. a so called Priest who denies the very divinity of Jesus the Christ. It strains the imagination how friends whom I have known as good priests adn some clergy now find it popular to say Spong is breathing new life to the church.. sure there needs to be new life. but to toss out Christ and substitute for Jesus a belief in myth, in man. to deny openly the Birth Death and Ressurection of Jesus is to destroy our faith. My friends say I'm a fundamentalist now and should wake up.

Granted I do believe the Roman Catholic Church and most main line churches have done the faith major harm. but to replace our ancient faith with no faith leaves us where?

I'd love to hear your opinion.. am I mis-reading Spong. . I've tried asking him politely.. tried asking him in public during Q&A sessions only to be shouted down or ignored. I'm a graduate of Bob Jones Univ. in 1972, then UNC 1983, St. Johns in 1999 for a M.Div. with studies at Franciscan Univ. etc. then earned a PhD at ST. Paul's. Served as a US Army Intelligence Officer for many years in major combat a number of times.. the latest in 2001-2. Also was a Franciscan Trauma Chaplain so for me Jesus is more then an academic affair. I've seen him in Combat and beside many dying patients in hospitals . .plus at my own three Near Death episodes.

What think tou of my comments?

Fr. Jim Waters,FBS, PhD

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