Beginners thread for CCEL forums

Welcome!!!! We are glad that you have visited this discussion group, and hope this will be a positive experience for you. Please feel to email me, Ken Verhulst ( at any time. Better yet, Feel free to post any questions you have in this discussion forum.

The purpose of this forum it to help and teach beginners ....
(1) what discussion forums are all about
(2) How to participate in online discussion forums
(3) To post questions about forums and hopefully have them answered here
(4) To provide practice using online discussion forums
(5) To provide a transition for users into CCEL's traditional online discussion groups (provide information about new forums and existing forums that are being operated on CCEL.

We may post some 'sample' discussion topics in this practice forum, but the primary purpose of this forum is not to discuss theological and book-related issues as we do in our other forums. Our primary purpose here is to provide a practice forum for folks to get their feet wet in the online discussion forum world.

This is the place to Practice posting, to practice reading posts, and to practice responding to posts.

So, RESPOND TO THIS FIRST THREAD BY INTRODUCING YOURSELF. Write a few sentences telling us about who you are and/or about how you first discovered CCEL.

To Make Your First Post, users need to subscribe and be logged onto CCEL.

See instruction below on How To Join a Discussion Group.

Click 'Reply' (below), enter your message, and click on submit. It's that easy.

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How to find the Discussion Groups

Look at the top of this window. You will see some objects we call Tabs. They are shaped and stick above this window just like tabs on a file folder. The tabs have names. You should see these names.

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To find the Discussion Groups you will need to go to the Community Page. You will get there by clicking on the Community Tab. Once you are at the Community Page, you will see three vertical page sections. We call them the Left Margin, Center, and Right Margin. At the top of the Left Margin you will see the label, Discussion Groups. Left Clicking on that label will take you to a New Page called the Discussion Group page. There you will find a list of the available Discussion Groups.

To join a group you can click on the Subscribe Link on the right side of the Group Row, or you can get a more in depth description of the group by clicking on the Group Name. This will take you to a page with the description. You can join the group on this page by clicking on the "subscribing to this group" at the top of this page, or clicking on the Subscribe link at the top of the Left Margin.

Once you start joining groups, the list of groups that you are a member of will appear on the Left Margin under the title My Groups. To enter one of your groups, just click on the title of that group.

Robert Loutzenhiser, Senior Moderator
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