The Scale of Perfection, Book 1, Part 3 – Chapter 8

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SECTION I Of Gluttony and how a Man shall know when he sinneth not in Eating and Drinking, and when he sinneth venially, and when deadly
SECTION II: That a Man should be busy to put away and hinder all Motions of sin, but more busy about those of Spiritual sins than those of Bodily
SECTION III: What Remedy a Man should use against the Faults in Eating and Drinking

Hou a man schal knowe whanne he synneth not in etynge and drynkynge and whanne he synneth deedli and whan veniali.
The ground of leccherie schulde be distroied with goostli travaile and not with bodili.
That a man schulde be bisi for to putte awai alle stirynges of synne but more bisili goostli synnes than bodily.
That hunger and othere peynes of the bodi letteth moche goostly wirkynge.
What remedie a man schal use ayenes defaute maad in etynge and drinkynge.
That thorwgh besi desire and travaile in mekenesse and charité, a man cometh sunnere to othere vertues to travaile in hemself.
- Chapter titles from chapters 72 to 77 of The Scale of Perfection – Book 1 in Middle English

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