The 1000 year Reign of Christ

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A study on the Reign of Christ after his return to earth. This study will cover all aspects of that reign to include it's beginning and ending.

Note: This is not a study on the entire book of Revelations.

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Kingdom of God

My simple laymans explanation...

Father is the Supreme authority (King) of the community (heaven) in which he and other beings reside. Therefore the "Kingdom of God" exists now… but not on our planet.

Our elder brother Jesus makes this clear in the latter part of a model prayer he was teaching people one day.....(paraphrase)"When your kingdom comes your way of life will be done the same (on earth) just like it is in heaven.

I’m fairly confident the way we live on earth is not the same as it is in heaven...especially when our Father tell us "your ways are not my ways". Which leads me to believe the kingdom of God has not been set up here yet….

So when will our ways be like our Fathers? Simple…when our brother Jesus returns. He will set up the "Kingdom of God" here on earth so we can experience living just like it exists in heaven.

To that I say "come Lord come".