The 1000 year Reign of Christ

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A study on the Reign of Christ after his return to earth. This study will cover all aspects of that reign to include it's beginning and ending.

Note: This is not a study on the entire book of Revelations.

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“So, I think we have to see the kingdom of God as Christ's rule spreading over the whole earth and being irresistible until the time that "every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess him Lord to the glory of the Father." We have to understand that it comes into being by the conversion of sinners who then turn from their wickednesses to serve the Living God - in every area of life.
From this I think we draw a few conclusions:

1. The kingdom has not yet reached its full extent - there are many who have yet not bowed the knee to Christ. So our task of witnessing has not yet finished.
2. The kingdom is spiritual in that it comes about, not by wars and battles of the flesh but by pulling down the spiritual powers in high places.
3. That there is a physical component in that as people become Christian they will seek to understand how God would have them serve. If in Church, by living in peace and harmony with those who are part of the same body; in office, that will mean changing or enforcing laws; in schools, teaching from God's perspective; in the office, finding our ethics based on God's Law and so on.”

Kaitiaki, I respectfully disagree to the assertion of seeing “the kingdom of God as Christ’s rule spreading over the whole earth and being irresistible until the time that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess him Lord to the glory of the Father.” I do admit I may have misunderstood your assertion, but... (there is always a "but")

I am of the mind that at the end time when “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess him Lord” is not the “Kingdom of God”. If when every knee bows is the incarnation of the Kingdom of God then everyone will be part of this Kingdom. I don’t believe scripture teaches this. My own view is at the end of time all will bow, but grudgingly. Even now, Satan knows God is God. He just does not follow Him.

The disciples, like all other Jews during the 1st century, were looking for a messiah who would overthrow the Romans and return Israel to its former glory and power. They wholly misread Christ’s mission as shown by Peter’s emphatic objection to Christ’s statement that He would soon die.

It is one thing to discuss the coming of the physical “Kingdom of God” and I want all to know that I believe this physical coming is totally biblical. The most important emphasis is the coming of the spiritual “Kingdom of God” that enters each one of our own soul/heart when we accept and grow in Christ. This is the ultimate. We should be concerned with having this Kingdom within us and how we enter into this spiritual Kingdom. For if we don’t have the Kingdom of God within us then we will not be ready to enter or even desire to enter the physical Kingdom when the time comes. CS Lewis made the statement in "Surprised by Joy" that he was thankful it was at least a year after he discovered God and worshiped him that he learned of heaven.

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