E.M. Bounds- What Bible ?

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I just started reading some E.M. Bounds material. Would any one know what Bible he quotes from ?

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Thanks for the info, Dave.

I just noticed this thread, and happen to have been researching the general topic. I didn't know about the other names for the ASV.
Years ago I found a hard copy of the "Holy Bible" with the well-known Gideons International emblem embossed on the cover. (The later one, the two-handled jug.) It was the ASV, by Thos. Nelson. I thought the pub date would have been about 1922, but I've since been told that the street address dates it to the early Thirties. So the Gideons didn't always use the KJV, either. (They got- and still get, I believe- their Bibles from regular publishers.) My understanding of English Bible history is: KJV 1601 > [UK] English Revised Version 1885 > ASV 1901, for American readers.
Their first hotel work was to place a Bible at the front desk, with a sign saying it might be borrowed of the clerk. In 1908 they agreed to embark on the "hotel bedroom" placements, as they called it. Google Books has a free d/l of a 1922/23 history of and by the Gideons. http://books.google.com/books?id=3-EPAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=%22the+gideons%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=J7rIULPCEcq8yAGq8IHIDg&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAA)
Another book for old Bible guys (how should we take that? :-) ) is http://studiesinscripture.com/the-newberry-bible-free-download/ which is the Newberry Bible. Thos. Newberry had this published first in 1883, abd it's an amazing piece of work. The original was 1600 large pages, fine print, single-column with notes in both margins. Newberry made the KJV into a 20th century study book with his labors. One can see what the KJV people might have done with better mss. to work with. The online version is the original format; you can buy the "pocket" edition (fewer Hebrew notes) for not too much at the usual places online.