The Scale of Perfection, Book 1, Part 3 – Chapter 6

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SECTION I: Of Envy and Wrath and their Branches, and how, instead of sin, the Person is often hated
SECTION II: That it is a Mastery and noble Skill to love Men’s Persons, and yet wisely to hate their sins, and how
SECTION III: How a Man shall know how much Wrath and Envy is hid in the ground of his Heart, and how he may know whether he loves his Enemies, and the Examples we have thereof in our Saviour

Of envie and ire and of here braunchis, and hou sumtyme instide of synne mannys persoone is hated.
That it is mykil maistrie sothfastli to love men in charité and hate here synne.
That for the same deedis outewarde sere men schal have seere medis.
That alle menys good deedis schal be appreved that hath likenes of good, save of the opyn heretik and the opyn cursid man.
That no good deede mai make a man sikir withoute charité; and that charité is oonli had of the yifte of God to hem that are meke, and who is parfightli meke.
Hou a man schal wite hou moche ire and envie is hid in the ground of hys herte.
Bi what tokenes thou schalt wite yif thou love thyn enemye and what ensample thou schalte take of Crist for to love hym also.
- Chapter titles from chapters 64 to 70 of The Scale of Perfection – Book 1 in Middle English

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