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I have found 2 advertisements this morning for "wrinkle cream" posted under the "Active forum topics" in the "Was Jesus God?" topic.

The name the person is using is Mojesionsyy, but you cannot contact that person via email & there is no info on them as there is with other people on the site.

Thought you'd want to know. I wrote something, asking them to remove it, but don't know if it will do much good.
thanks, Carl

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Thanks for pointing these out. I slept in today and found them first thing when I got up. The link has been removed, but I left the post in this case because the content was not inappropriate for the site. If anyone wishes to see the longer excerpts at the poster's own site, they should be able to copy and paste the first sentence into Google search and find his site. However, you are correct that the idea is to get people to buy the whole book either hard copy or Kindle.

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