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I have found 2 advertisements this morning for "wrinkle cream" posted under the "Active forum topics" in the "Was Jesus God?" topic.

The name the person is using is Mojesionsyy, but you cannot contact that person via email & there is no info on them as there is with other people on the site.

Thought you'd want to know. I wrote something, asking them to remove it, but don't know if it will do much good.
thanks, Carl

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The CONTACT method not used to send emails

Dan and Dave,

The questionable email was sent to my email address and was not sent through the CONTACT facility at CCEL which uses verbiage to identify the source. However, I checked my email at CCEL and found "Mary" had not sent it to my CCEL email account. So "she" skimmed it elsewhere. I don't believe I have ever used my other email account at CCEL so the two are not linked together.

Thanks, to both of you.

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