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I have found 2 advertisements this morning for "wrinkle cream" posted under the "Active forum topics" in the "Was Jesus God?" topic.

The name the person is using is Mojesionsyy, but you cannot contact that person via email & there is no info on them as there is with other people on the site.

Thought you'd want to know. I wrote something, asking them to remove it, but don't know if it will do much good.
thanks, Carl

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I Have Also Noticed This As Well


I just resent it and it is posted for me. It may or may not be the total problem why you are having the posting problem. I have noticed when a large number of people are on the web-site things slow down a bit and sometimes you time out on the post because of this. I us Mozilla Firefox with Greasemonkey enabled to keep my post when I refresh the send button a second or third time.

Another thing that may help is to open your remarks reply and then compose your post on your open office or what ever you are using. Then transfer the text to the already opened reply to post window and send.