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I have found 2 advertisements this morning for "wrinkle cream" posted under the "Active forum topics" in the "Was Jesus God?" topic.

The name the person is using is Mojesionsyy, but you cannot contact that person via email & there is no info on them as there is with other people on the site.

Thought you'd want to know. I wrote something, asking them to remove it, but don't know if it will do much good.
thanks, Carl

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Third try to post this

Hi Harry,

I think the Mollom idea is excellent as long as it behaves properly. When I first saw the Mollum button show up on my screen, I did a search to see what it is. I found out that there has been some criticism that it will sometimes identify as spam serious posts. Apparently, one of the methods it has of making the determination is that it notes the time between address and text input. If the input of the text is too fast, it thinks it is a spam message. The problem with this assumption of the software is that a person might use the word processor to write the intended post, making sure spelling, grammar, and clarity of thought are all present. Then, when the person used copy-and-paste to initiate a post, the Mollom software might think it was spam because of the sudden input of text.

It would probably be good, if it is possible, to double-check the spam blocks to make sure they are truly spam for awhile until it is certain that the program is not blocking legitimate posts.

As a side issue, another reason for using an offline program to create the text is that recently CCEL has been having a growing problem with an error message that the program couldn’t address the webpage sought when a user attempts to go from one page to another. When this happens between text writing and saving the message, the entire message is lost. Using an offline text editor keeps the message alive until one can successfully get it posted.

In fact, I have now lost this message twice due to the problem of not being able to get from one page to another. This is my third attempt.

Best wishes,

Dave S.
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