My latest article- Are you a Saul or David?

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Are you a David or a Saul?

Throughout Christianity, I have noticed a great admiration of David, where many recite that he was a man after God's own heart, yet at the same time, not much respect is given to Saul. However, as I thought about it, there was not much different in the lives of the first two kings of Israel.

Saul was a man handpicked by God to be king. It was not God's desire that Israel, have a king, but because of the hardness of the Israelite's hearts,they wanted one. And God provided one.But when we seek things that are not God's best, even though God may give them to us, it never turns out right.

Saul was picked by God. He followed God, but he also sinned. Instead of destroying what he took from the land as God commanded, he saved it for sacrifice. Yet even though it seems small, it was a serious sin. For God does not desire us to incorporate the world or old life into our lives. He wants it banished from our lives with a fresh start. When a person becomes saved, as easily as it is tempted to leave the vices of the old life and try to use them for the Lord, we must banish the rock music, the sinful culture we were apart of. and find our new life in God. But when a representative of the Lord sins, there must be consequences to show, that this is not God's all of the kingdoms knew.

As we look at David, yes, the original shepherd boy was a man after God's own heart. He was meek and gentle. A keeper of the lambs, and one with intense love for God. When the giant Goliath came, with the innocent faith of a child, he understood that God was greater than any obstacle in His path. He trusted God and God gave him the strength to defeat the enemy of Israel.

Yet as I look at the life of both these men who both began in the paths of God, they both went astray, and both had unhappy endings.

For Saul, it was refusing to obey God and thinking giving to God, the one who owns everything, would make up for it. While God desires us to give to Him, the gift He wants most of all is our entire life with complete obedience. When he went away from that path, rather than accept God's chastisement, he fought against God. And in his weakened state, the evil spirit came upon him, controlled him, and he died after asking for help from a witch.

For David, he committed sins also, He sinned with Bathsheba, committing adultery and killing a servant of the Lord. And there were consequences. Afterward, David life was not happy. One son defiled a daughter so she was unmarriable, and lived alone for the rest of her life. His favorite son, Absalom tried to overthrow him and took all his wives away from him and would have killed David if possible. And the son from the adulterous relationship died. When he was on his deathbed, when they offered to bring someone in to console him, he refused. Truly David did not have a happy end.

So if we look at both lives, what is the difference? The difference is the way they handled the situation. When Saul sinned and was going to lose the kingdom, rather than accept God's consequences, he fought God. He fought God to the point that he could no longer hear Him, and he was prey for the enemy. Even though God gave him more years, he never repented but rather his heart became harder.

How did David handle it? Yes when God gave his consequence, he wasn't happy, instead of fighting Gods consequences, he went to God and pleaded to Him. He confessed his sin, and pleaded for forgiveness. He even pleaded that God would not give him the punishment for his sins, but it came. and as always, our sins not only hurt us, but others. And even through the consequences continued for the rest of David's life. and the scars of his sins grew greater and greater, he never turned from the Lord.

So what are you? are you a David or a Saul? When you sin against God are you repentant or defiant? Do you ask forgiveness? Are you willing to take the consequences of your sins? or do you say, "its not fair". Or do you say, "because I'm saved now, that's the past and there are no consequences" Perhaps you're a divorced person (or impure as David's daughter was) are you willing to remain single for God or do you fight him? Do you repent of your sins or justify them? Perhaps you have gone into a marriage with an unsaved person. While we know divorce is wrong, does this sin grieve your heart and do you realize that this life is wrong and something to be repented of?

Truly God appreciates the repentant heart. As Jesus said, "I have not come for the righteous, but to bring sinners to repentance"

Let us repent of our sins, accept what God has for us, and be happy to be the doorkeeper in the house of the Lord rather than seek the pleasures of this earth that last for a season.