The Scale of Perfection, Book 1, Part 3 – Chapter 3

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SECTION I: That a Man should be industrious to recover again his ancient Dignity and reform within him the Image of the Trinity, and how it may be done.
SECTION II: That this Dignity and Image is restored by Jesus, and how He is to be desired, sought and found

That a man schulde be besi for to recovere ayen his worthy¬nesse, and reforme in him the ymage of the Trinité.
Hou Jhesu schal be sought, desired, and founden.
What profite is to have the desire of Jhesu.
Where and wherewith Jhesu schal be sought and founden.
Where Jhesu is loste and founden thorugh his mercy.
What letteth a man to heere and see Jhesu withinne hymsilf.
That mekenesse and charité are the special lyveré of Jhesu, thorugh the whiche mannys soule is reformed to the liknes of him. - Chapter titles from chapters 45 to 51 of The Scale of Perfection – Book 1 in Middle English

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