Discussion of christian doctrine and how it relates to tht Torah

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To all be blessed!

With unsteady fingers and a gripping fear that I may tread on some toes I write on this topic.

First I would do good to get a interpetation and then focus my comments within those bounds.

In the vast arena of knowledge one can easily make an error in ones interpretation of the actual events that prompted the words that God has spoken, which is the Bible.

Are their oher translations that include and some exclue what is truly a complete revelation of God's purpose.

A discovery of common thread/s in all text I believe in all the world religions may help to solidify the purpose that we must all undertake.

Can we do this without controversy?

Can someone direct me to a exact,excepted interpretation of the Torah spoken to the Israelites from Moses?

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To all be

To all be blessed!

Whew!!,you posted an article full Lee of great knowledge.Jesus said,"If a brother ask you to go one mile with him go two miles with him."I was edited on some statements that were unimportant to my question yet I know fully well why.I want to thank you Lee for taking the time and effort in answering that question.

My intention was not to disrupt any flow of understanding or sidetrack any facts concerning our main topic.I apologize if anyone is put in a defensive stance,that was not intention.

I am currently researching many topics and all or some of the comments at CCEL has given me different perspectives concerning them.I love to learn new ideas and facts.

May our God bless and keep us all.

To all be blessed by our Lord!