Discussion of christian doctrine and how it relates to tht Torah

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To all be blessed!

With unsteady fingers and a gripping fear that I may tread on some toes I write on this topic.

First I would do good to get a interpetation and then focus my comments within those bounds.

In the vast arena of knowledge one can easily make an error in ones interpretation of the actual events that prompted the words that God has spoken, which is the Bible.

Are their oher translations that include and some exclue what is truly a complete revelation of God's purpose.

A discovery of common thread/s in all text I believe in all the world religions may help to solidify the purpose that we must all undertake.

Can we do this without controversy?

Can someone direct me to a exact,excepted interpretation of the Torah spoken to the Israelites from Moses?

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The Torah, The First Five Books of The Bible Authored by Moses


Thank you Jeff for your incite, but I believe Stanley is more interested in your position on what is: ...a exact, excepted interpretation of the Torah...

Torah is part of The Bible Stanley has in his hand, which is The Word of G-d.

Perhaps you could use some Scripture from The Torah to identify your point to Stanley in inference to what you are saying. Ecclesiastes is from The Tanakh.

Is not Stanley desiring to find the closest Translation of Torah to The Original? Rather than some philosophical post on correctness in learning that you give him. Why not give him what you think is the closest, correct to The Original, translation.

You must have some incite of you own that will help out a Brother in Christ on his Quest.

I'm not critiquing your post, only suggesting that Stanley was wanting a response about The Original Torah given from G-d, "without a debate". His words were: ...one can easily make an error in ones interpretation...

Here is what he desires:

...Can someone direct me to a exact, excepted interpretation of the Torah spoken to the Israelites from Moses?...

Does anyone have the correct answer that Stanley desires?