Discussion of christian doctrine and how it relates to tht Torah

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To all be blessed!

With unsteady fingers and a gripping fear that I may tread on some toes I write on this topic.

First I would do good to get a interpetation and then focus my comments within those bounds.

In the vast arena of knowledge one can easily make an error in ones interpretation of the actual events that prompted the words that God has spoken, which is the Bible.

Are their oher translations that include and some exclue what is truly a complete revelation of God's purpose.

A discovery of common thread/s in all text I believe in all the world religions may help to solidify the purpose that we must all undertake.

Can we do this without controversy?

Can someone direct me to a exact,excepted interpretation of the Torah spoken to the Israelites from Moses?

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The Torah, The First Five Books of Moses

De Maria,

I believe Stanley is referring to The Scroll containing Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. It is called Torah by most Hebrew speaking People. The Oral Tradition is not The Word of G-d, but ideas and concepts of man which is similar to our History that is recorded without inspiration from G-d. The Oral Tradition is from the mind of man and handed down as a lesson of past things or events that need to be remembered.

We do not use our History as a Nation to guide us as a Light but only to remember what has happened in the past. If we did use Our History as Guidance and Light for our Future Government, we would not be in such chaos as a Nation today.

The Church has similar ideas of Oral Tradition which guide some of its direction today.

Moses gave us The Torah that was inspired by G-d to him on The Mountain of G-d in Midian, and was to be reveled to the homeward bound Hebrew speaking sons of Jacob, escaping Bondage in Egypt.

The Torah is G-d's Light to Jacob's seed. It was to be used to Illuminate the mind and heart of man/woman, to enable them to follow G-d by Faith and without sin or rebellion getting in the way of Understand G-d and His Ways.

You used Exodus 25:40, "The Menorah", which does speak of illumination of the way of man to move. It is for illuminating the interior of The Holy Place each night. This light is for the benefit of the Officiating Priest, and was not designed for G-d's use, but for man's use, to Illuminate The Way inside The Temple of G-d. And today that Temple is our heart, which is not made with human hands.

A good example of What The Torah is to be for man/woman