Discussion of christian doctrine and how it relates to tht Torah

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To all be blessed!

With unsteady fingers and a gripping fear that I may tread on some toes I write on this topic.

First I would do good to get a interpetation and then focus my comments within those bounds.

In the vast arena of knowledge one can easily make an error in ones interpretation of the actual events that prompted the words that God has spoken, which is the Bible.

Are their oher translations that include and some exclue what is truly a complete revelation of God's purpose.

A discovery of common thread/s in all text I believe in all the world religions may help to solidify the purpose that we must all undertake.

Can we do this without controversy?

Can someone direct me to a exact,excepted interpretation of the Torah spoken to the Israelites from Moses?

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This is a Good Topic for Discussing


A very good subject to discuss. Most people do not concern themselves with this subject. It is for those who are really Seeking G-d's Truth from it's Source that you will find your fill in The Springs of Living Water that Flow from the Heart of G-d.

I have found that G-d will enter into our search as we Seek His Face as Abram, Moses and David and Ezra did, so also can you do the same thing. It is when we humble ourself before G-d and cry out to Him with our desire to know Him more will He Guide your search For The correct word and interpretation in commentary you are Seeking.

Original Truth can be found when we look at what was written down before Yeshua(Jesus) was borne. It is not always found in just one place. But you can find some of The Pieces and then put them together and come close to The Original Understanding of The Torah Yeshua(Jesus) would have read from The Scroll.

Translations of The Septuagint or LXX, into English can give us a better look on interpretation of The Early Jewish Works in Scripture. In this translation the Interpretation of the Jewish Sect of Pharisees and their Democratization of Judaism is not seen yet. So we can come to a better understanding of what was said by the words that were then used in the translation from Hebrew to Koine Greek.

I do like to using Jewish Commentary because it opens us up into Jewish Understanding of what is really being spoken about in The Jewish Verse, with the word pictures that are mostly used with The Jewish Poetic style that The Torah uses.

Some say The LXX(Koine Greek) was what Yeshua(Jesus) read from, while others say it was The Aramaic Translation which He read from. Well, either way, if we can find a Translation that is from this time period you will find what you are searching for.