Handbook on Faith, Hope, and Love: Lesson 5, question 4

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4. Augustine states that we should not see alms-giving as "buying off" God. Are there any other practices which we personally do which we see implicitly as "buying off" God? How could we modify our lives to exclude them?

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Where does this come from?

Dear Jeff, thank you for your reply and for the reference to Ephesians. I find that one of the benefits of this forum is contact with people who have been on this road for longer than I and who have a better knowledge or memory of Scripture.

Where do you think the attitude of buying off God comes from? Do you think it's natural to mankind? Is it from the way we're taught religion as children? I grew up in a very hierarchical church, and I think (am not sure, actually) that I came to feel a certain fear of my "superiors". I have just started to think about this.

Whatever. All that does not compare with the refreshment and joy of a personal relationship with Our Lord.

Thanks again.