The Scale of Perfection, Book 1, Part 2 – Chapter 2 – Section 1 and 2

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Section 1: Of Meditation
Section 2: Of divers Temptations of the Enemy, and the Remedies against them
Our text covers 7 chapters of the Medieval text, these are:
Of meditacion of synful men, aftir that thei ben turned hooli to God.
That the meditacion of the manhede of Crist or of his passion is yyven of God, and how it schal be knowen whanne it is yeven.
That the meditacioun of the passioun of Crist is withdrawen from hem that it is yyven to ofte sithes for divers skyles.
Of divers temptaciouns of the feend of helle.
Of sere remedies ayennes temptaciounes of feend.
Hou God suffreth hem that he cheseth for to be tarid and temptid; and aftirwarde he comfortith hem and stableth hem yn grace.
That a man schulde not yeve him to idelnesse ne lightli leve the grace that were yyven to him of God.
- Chapter titles from chapter 34-40 of The Scale of Perfection – Book 1 in Middle English

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