The Scale of Perfection, Book 1, Part 2 – Chapter 1 – Section 1 and 2

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Section 1: Of Prayers and the several Sorts thereof
Section 2: How they should do that are troubled with vain Thoughts in their Prayers
Our text covers 9 chapters of the Medieval text, these are:
Of praier that is spedful to gete clennes in herte and vertues.
Hou men schulde praie, and whereon the poynt of the thought schal be sette in prayere.
Of the fier of love.
That certayn praier in speche ordeyned of God and of holi chirche is best to hem that aren bounden and ordeyned therto, and to hem that yyven hem newli to devocion.
What peril it is to men that in the bigynnynge of here turnynge to God leeven to sone the comone praier of the ordenaunce of holi chirche and yyven hem to meditacion hooli.
Of the secunde maner of praier, that is in speche not certayn, but folweth the stirenges that aren in devocioun.
That this maner of praier pleseth moche God, and maketh a man to have him as he were dronken, and maketh his soule to be woundid with the suerd of love.
Hou fier of love wasteth alle fleischli lustes, as othir fier wasteth alle bodili thynges here
Of the thridde maner of praier, oonli in herte withouten speche.
How men schal do that aren traveylid with veyn thoughtes in her preier.
- Chapter titles from chapter 24-33 of The Scale of Perfection – Book 1 in Middle English

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