Nehemiah Chapter 8, Ezra Reads The Torah Scroll as The People Gather As One Man

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This next Chapter 8 of Nehemiah is a continuation of the re-reading of Ezra's Book of Records from Chapter 7, and is following the Original document, The Book of Lineage of Those Who Had Ascended..., which was found by Nehemiah.

The Reading of Torah by Ezra takes place on The Temple Mount(a wooden box) near The Water Gate which is opposite The Temple. The Community of Jews have gathered, including The Women, for this reading from Moses.

Chapter 8, gos through Rosh Ha Shannah, The Day of Atonement, The first day of The Seventh Month, the month of Tishrei. And then Yom Tov and the Mitzvah of making a succah and The Festival of Succos in verse 18.


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Nehemiah 8:15, Preparation for Succos or Booths is Made

In this reading of the next verse of Nehemiah 8, we will find The Festival of Succos, Succoth or Sukkoth being proclaimed at Sundowh. So the time began to draw near to Succos. During Rosh HaShanah it is not permitted for The Jews to collect materials which are necessary for Succos. So our reading is now after Sundown on The Second Day

Succos is The Commandment(Mitzvah) to live in a succah(hut) for seven days to remind The Hebrew People(us) that G-d(Hashem) brought The Hebrew People(us) out of Clouds of Glory(Mitzrayim) in Succos. This Knowledge that G-d(Hashem) put The Hebrew People(us) in Succos is only part of The Mitzvah. This is the basic understanding but there is a far deeper meanings to this Mitzvot and it is explained with all the things mentioned in the Scripture we will read.

It requires all Jews to Live in symbolizes trust(sukkah or hut) in G-d's protection. This symbolizes trust in G-d's protection requires at least three sides, but it is flimsy as a structure. It has to do with first building a hut from the things that grow in the Desert. Next the things are connected with Jewish Understanding in a physical way as smell, touch, taste and see. Fruit like Olive, Citron and Dates are used to remind them of G-d, and Fellowship and in a Jewish way of connecting things we do to remember. By seeing smelling and doing together.

The 3 twigs with leaves of Myrtle, the 2 twigs of Willow and 1 twigs with leaves of Date Palm are tied together as a binding is the Lulav and Citron(etrog) for a blessing is waved together in 6 directions during Succos Blessing of The days. The citrus fruit symbolizes the heart, the palm branches stand for backbone, myrtle symbolizes the eyes, and willow the mouth. And waved together is a reminder that it takes everyone Worshiping together to do The Will of G-d in body, mind, and actions.

Let us read the next verse of Nehemiah 8,

V15 And that they should publish and proclaim in all their cities, and in Jerusalem, saying, Go forth unto the mount, and fetch olive branches, and pine branches, and myrtle branches, and palm branches, and branches of thick trees, to make booths, as it is written. KJV

So they were required to live in a Booth for 7 days, to remind them of The Cloud of Glory(Protection) which surrounded their Fathers in The Desert, Escaping The Bondage in Egypt and for 40 years.