Nehemiah Chapter 8, Ezra Reads The Torah Scroll as The People Gather As One Man

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This next Chapter 8 of Nehemiah is a continuation of the re-reading of Ezra's Book of Records from Chapter 7, and is following the Original document, The Book of Lineage of Those Who Had Ascended..., which was found by Nehemiah.

The Reading of Torah by Ezra takes place on The Temple Mount(a wooden box) near The Water Gate which is opposite The Temple. The Community of Jews have gathered, including The Women, for this reading from Moses.

Chapter 8, gos through Rosh Ha Shannah, The Day of Atonement, The first day of The Seventh Month, the month of Tishrei. And then Yom Tov and the Mitzvah of making a succah and The Festival of Succos in verse 18.


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